Thatsanee und Karl Plenk - More than Bamboo

I learned the art of weaving jewellery from bamboo cane from my grandmother Ui Som and my mother Mae-Chai. In the meantime this handicraft, which was brought to Thailand by missionaries a long time ago, has, however, almost been forgotten again.

My daughter and I are among the few people who still practise this art.

Bamboo, which is called Mai Pai in my homeland, grows there in gigantic fields and in many varieties. Only one particular type, however, is suitable for my work.

Every year I fly to Thailand and look for the bamboo with which I manufacture my precious little articles. Before it is made into a piece of jewellery, many different work processes are necessary.

I repeatedly split the bamboo into fine strips with a special knife until the strips are less than 1mm thick. Then the strips are painted with wood stain. Then the actual weaving work begins, which requires a lot of patience and skill. It takes around two hours until a brooch or a hair slide is finished. The result looks like a delicate piece of jewellery, which is in fact rugged and almost unbreakable.

Each of my pieces of jewellery is unique and combines art and nature.

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