Manfred Hümpfner - Figural Ceramics

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead – the bridge between the two is our love.

There is a land of the living. We have experienced this land with Manfred. Some of us accompanied him for a few steps of the way, some went long distances, and others went with him for almost all their lives.

We have many memories of the time of living together with him. Many of these memories have awoken in us particularly during the last few weeks. Unforgettable things will remain with each one of us.

We remember happy hours with him and around him, funny things which happened, parties and celebrations, joy and exuberance. But then there are also memories of illness, of sad events and dark hours.

Those friends who spent the last day of Manfred’s life with him will never forget our lovely excursion, having a rest on a bench, and how he sat there admiring the beautiful landscape, and how happy he was! - And how soon afterwards he left the land of the living.

Extract from the farewell on 11. 9. 2013 in Leinburg.

You remain among us.
The members of Kunst+Handwerk vom Künstler

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